American Bounty Hunter

Action-Packed "As It Happens" Fugitive Captures

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This action-packed series, is an explosive response to America's hunger for reality-based TV programming. In the wake of such successful TV series as "AMERICA'S MOST WANTED," and "COPS,"  it is inevitable that a show that uniquely profiles the "as it happens" hunts, arrests and captures of fugitives-at-large made by professional Bounty Hunters, will be equally as successful.

AMERICAN BOUNTY HUNTER brings to television audiences a unique form of entertainment, which is a distinct departure from all other reality programs featuring Bounty Hunters and their captures of wanted fugitives. Little has been done over recent years to positively reflect the exploits of Bounty Hunters (Fugitive Recovery Agents, as they like to be known) and the viewing public is not aware that the cost of Bounty Hunter investigations and arrests are born totally by the defendant (or defendant's family), and NOT the taxpayer.

Accessing more than 2,500 full-time professional Bounty Hunters nationwide, crews  travel to wherever a capture takes place, from major cities to rural settings and small communities. Bounty Hunters live in every corner of the country and represent every race, color and nationality, and NO two Bounty Hunters or capture segments are identical.

In addition to taping in a Beta SP format, AMERICAN BOUNTY HUNTER utilizes a microcircuit "pinhole" camera, concealed on the agent, to gather a unique perspective of the action. The BountyCam, allows the producers the opportunity to tape footage (undetected) in situations where the safety of the crew, or the element of surprise would otherwise be compromised. The crew occasionally uses a "lipstick" camera, mounted in the agent's vehicle to enhance editing options. Selected cuts of all footage are edited together to give the production a unique and cutting edge appearance.

Running Time: 1 x 60 minutes; 13 x 30 pre-sale; Series Pilot; US - Aired on UPN, March 26, 1996