POLITICAL VERTIGO: Dennis Haugh, points out stabilizing politics in an upside down world provides a fresh perspective of government in the United States.

THE DOOM AND BLOOM SURVIVAL MEDICINE AND HANDBOOK. Dr. Joseph Alton and his Wife Amy, an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner are authors of the #1 Amazon Bestseller (Survival Skills and Safety/First Aid categories) Additionally, they have been regular contributors to Survivalist, Backwoods Home, and Self-Reliance Illustrated Magazines.

THE BABY MATRIX: Why Freeing Our Minds From Outmoded Thinking About Parenthood & Reproduction Will Create a Better World Laura Carroll explores the nature of people's desire to have children, and makes the case for why it’s time to question what we have been taught to believe about having children.  

WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS: A Manual for Self-Reliance and Planetary Survival (non-fiction / Chelsea-Green Publishing, Sept. 2008) provides information that will help the average person prepare for natural disasters and uncontrollable forces and events that will affect everyone on the planet within the next 20 years.


WHY WE WANT TO KILL YOU (non-fiction / Top Executive Media, Inc.) Walid Shoebat was once a Palestinian terrorist. His latest book is part autobiographical, but the thrust of his book is to help readers understand the Islamic mindset, and to grasp what drives Islamic hatred and violence, and to create awareness of the dangers, for which many Americans have become so complacent. 

RUNNING AMOK (non-fiction / Author House) Dave Rosenak is not running for political office. He is a successful Chicago businessman who examines many of the topics that are of concern to all Americans - topics that the political candidates seem to be ignoring.

UNLAWFUL FLIGHT (non-fiction / Windblown Books), by Glen C. Schulz. The true story of a father who picked up his two children for a long awaited weekend visitation and NEVER brought them back. Be there with them when Glen is apprehended by the F.B.I. and the U.S. Marshal's, as the real fight of their life unfolds - a battle that would last for years was just beginning!

STOPPING SCHOOL VIOLENCE  (non-fiction / AuthorHouse) Derek Randel is a parent coach who speaks nationally on how to remove the yelling from your home and how to protect your child/student from bullying and school violence.

FROM THAT FLAME (Kallisti Publishing / historical fiction, Nov. 2007) Historian and humanitarian MaryAnn T. Beverly laces a romantic story around Afghan freedom fighter Ahmed Shah Massoud, who was assassinated by Osama bin Laden only two days before 911.

THE ROSWELL LEGACY (non-fiction / Big Sky Press) Jesse Marcel, Jr. is the last living survivor of the 1947 Roswell incident. In his much-anticipated book, Dr. Marcel tells his, and his father's story, clearing up 60 years of speculation.

FAMILIES OF TWO (non-fiction / hard cover / Xlibris) Behavior Psychologist, Laura Carroll (Ms. Carroll and her husband have been childfree for 12 years) helps clear the air on this controversial and growing phenomenon in an effort to help family and friends of childfree couples better understand and accept the decision, to not parent a child.

DANCING WITH ISLAMS ASSASSINS (non-fiction / self-published) In a ministry that spans 44 years, best-selling author, Chris Panos has worked with, and ministered to Muslims in countries including Syria, Iran, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, India, China, Spain, and Africa. The information Panos has learned is now shared in his latest book. Written in three parts, Panos offers an introduction to what radical Islamists actually think, a Biblical perspective on the modern Middle East, passages in the Koran that drive terrorism, and the steps American families need to take to protect themselves from weapons of mass destruction

DIANA ROSS: A Lifetime To Get Here (non-fiction / St. Martins Press, December 2007) is a beautiful 450 page, coffee table hard cover that features untold stories and sets the record straight about America's Original Dream Girl, Diana Ross. Includes over 60 photographs, including many that have never been previously published.

IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (non-fiction / St. Martins Press) Harry N. MacLean updates his 1989 best-selling book (Harper-Collins), which tells the true story of Skidmore, MO bully Ken Rex McElroy's, who 20 year reign of terror was ended by a vigilante shooting in 1981. In a new epilogue MacLean and St. Martins Press release the 25th anniversary edition, with added epilogue, and revealing for the first time information about the identity of the killers and 45 eye witnesses, along with a peek at the 'never-before-released' state police and FBI investigative files. 

BORDERGATE (non-fiction / self-published) Darlene Fitzgerald is a 20 year veteran of law enforcement, including 11 years as a senior U.S. Customs agent. In her tell-all book she reveals the cover-up and retaliation she faced after going to US Congress as a whistle-blower, exposing corruption with Homeland Security and the U.S. Customs when she reported human trafficking, and the transport of drugs and possible WMD into the United States from Mexico, via the railroad.

OUT OF THE BLUE: CLAY IT FORWARD (non-fiction) Author Jeannie Holleman has been a lifelong resident of Raleigh, NC, and a close family friend of singer Clay Aiken's adopted family, the McGhees. Her book is a warm tribute to this hometown boy, and shares moving stories of AIken as a boy, along with never-before-seen photos of the singing star from his infancy to his auditions on American Idol and beyond. Sales of the book has been blemished by a defamation lawsuit.

THE ALCOHOLISM AND ADDICTION CURE (non-fiction/Power Press) A practical, informed step-by-step protocol for uncovering and treating the core causes of alcoholism and addiction based on the successful and proven approach utilized by the Passages Malibu treatment facility. This successful, holistic method offers total recovery from addiction and shows how to heal the underlying causes of addiction, prevent relapse, and end suffering.

LEGION OF THE LOST (Penguin Books) In 1999 The French Foreign Legion was what American Jamie Salazar thought he was looking for. After all, it would be filled with adventure, travel and excitement. Legion of the Lost details that experience, which was not exactly what he expected.

THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR CHRONOLOGY (self-published) George Smart spent eight years researching the knights Templar and released one of the most complete books in recent years about these mysterious monks. in In the midst of production on The DaVinci Code, this is a timely contributor.

THE DESTRUCTION OF THE VEIL OF ISLAM (self-published) Historian and author, Larry Garza, warned that "The 21st century will bring the greatest conflict the world had ever seen; Islam against the United States and Judeo Christians". Garza explains why Democracy will not be accepted by Islam ~ a religion based on violence, war and terror.

Searching for Evil and the Perfect Donut  (self-published) Richard Nable is a veteran police sergeant with the Fulton County, Georgia Police Department (a suburb of Atlanta). His book is a roller-coaster ride through gripping accounts of some extraordinary trials faced by this ordinary American street cop.

ENEMIES FOREIGN & DOMESTIC (self-published) Matthew Bracken is a former Navy SEAL, and has written a riveting novel that utilizes his military knowledge of weaponry, and his tance on the controversial issues that surround the war in Iraq and the threat of domestic terrorism.

GHOSTS TALK:  HOW TO HEAR & TALK WITH THEM ((self-published / non-fiction / 10/02)  DaJuana Byrd is a very accomplished and unique psychic and medium. Her popular book is flying off book store shelves. It is DaJuana's goal that her book will help others help themselves and prove that the gift of prophecy is real, and that it should be used to help mankind.

THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT BOOK YOU WILL EVER READ (non-fiction / Royal Books / paperback / 12/02) Dan Patrick is a veteran of more than thirty years in broadcasting, and the current owner of Houston Broadcasting Company. His first book sold over 8,000 copies in the gulf coast area, and is now steaming towards 'best sell' status.

LOVE AND OTHER RECREATIONAL SPORTS (fiction / hard cover / Penguin Books - 07/03)   John Dearie has released what reviews are heralding as 'man's answer toe 'Sex and the City.' Finally we hear about dating in the metropolitan trenches from a man's perspective.

GREAT FAILURES OF THE EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL (non-fiction / hard cover / Tallfellow Press / 10/02) Former standup comic and award-winning writer, Steve Young interviews some of America's most successful, who share their stories of overcoming diversity.

HOW TO SURVIVE THE IRS - My Battles Against Goliath (non-fiction / hard cover / Barricade Books-3/01)  Michael Louis Minns (best-selling author of The Underground Lawyer) chronicles unbelievable tales of IRS wrong-doing and the court cases that resulted.

FIVE MAIN THINGS:  MAKING DISCIPLINE WORK  (non-fiction / paperback/Wellness Connection  02/03) Joyce Divinyi, MS, LPC is a leading behavioral clinician, who has spent her adult life counseling children and young adults, and advising parents and school administrators on the behavior of children and how to discipline them properly.

WHAT THEY'LL NEVER TELL YOU ABOUT THE MUSIC BUSINESS (non-fiction / hard cover / Billboard Books-Watson-Guptill Publications/ 06/02) Long time entertainment attorney Peter M. Thall has unmasked the face of the music industry in his new expose, revealing what most savvy music executives already know and what some of them utilize to take advantage of naive artists and musicians.

COMMON THREADS (non-fiction / hard cover / Baywood Publishing / 03/02) Diane Kaimann provides an uplifting and unique perspective on coping and recovery for who must deal with the death of a spouse. She and nine other widows provide an inspiring and encouraging approach that redefines the human spirit.

JUDGE THE JURY (non-fiction / paperback / Kendall-Hunt Publishing / 12/99) Jury consultant, handwriting and body language expert Alice Weiser delivers the goods, and provides helpful information on reading people.

THE PROFESSOR'S SECRETS - BREAKING THE SILENCE (non-fiction / Trade Workbook / Classic Legal Productions / 01/02) Professor Bernie Gaidosch exposes the growing problem of cyber-plagiarism and cheating in our high schools, colleges and universities, and provides extensive research information and statistics that are truly eye-opening. He also offers a viable solution that will reduce or eliminate plagiarism of essays and term papers.

THE CANCER BREAKTHOUGH YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF (non-fiction / hard cover / Texas Cancer Center / 09/01) Dr. Richard Evans, a board-certified surgical oncologist and founder of the Texas Cancer Center has much good news to share with those who have been diagnosed with the seven most deadly cancers.

HIDE YOUR ASSETS & DISAPPEAR  (non-fiction / paperback / Harper-Business / 4/00) International financial investigator, Edmund J. Pankau helps consumers protect their privacy or hide their assets, and escape the information highway.  Nationwide Business Bestseller in Wall Street Journal, New York Time & Business Weekly.

THE WAY OF ADVENTURE (non-fiction / hard cover / Wiley & Sons / 10/00) He's a renowned explorer, anthropologist, humorist, professor, adventure-series host and expert on the topic of taking on the adventure challenge! Jeff Salz delivers tidbits of wisdom, that are drawn from his many adventures and heroic exploits - stalwart advice on how to attain a path to TRUE ADVENTURE in business and everyday life.

FINANCIAL TRUTHS FOR THE 21st CENTURY (non-fiction / paperback / Smart Press) Financial navigator, Ronald Schutz finally shares the secrets that have given thousands of his clients financial freedom.  This comprehensive guide exposes truths and debunks the myths and hype that have led millions of people to financial ruin.

LOVE TYPES (non-fiction / paperback / Avon Books) Dr. Alex Avila determined that there had to be an easier & more effective way for people to "meet and keep" the perfect mate. He incorporated a bit of science and came up with the incredibly successful LoveTypeTM system-–a foolproof method that gets singles past the charades, past the phony come-on lines, and into the arms of Mr. or Ms. Right!

THE MASTER OF DISGUISE (non-fiction / Hard cover / Morrow)  25 year veteran intelligence operative, Tony Mendez, exposes espionage secrets of how he created official-looking documents and unbelievable disguises to change the face of the CIA.

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