Bond Girlz

(photos & bios)


Melissa ‘MO T’ Thompson

Melissa ‘Mo T’ Thompson is the Brains behind the operation. This 5’3” Blonde Bombshell owns and operates both West Michigan Bail Bonds (Grand Rapids) and Alibi Bail Bonds (Detroit).  A veteran bail bond agent for over 16 years and a former police officer, she has the skills and background to get things done.  Melissa personally claims over 2500 successful arrests and apprehensions.  She has a predominately female staffed office, bail agents and bail enforcement agents.  Her bounty hunting team, known as BAD GIRLZ BAIL BONDS, is known to go anywhere, including dangerous areas, rural country, and other states.  And although they ‘gear up’, they also go undercover to blend in whenever necessary and the element of surprise has and continues to work for them. 

Background:  Melissa born and raised in Ionia to police officer father, Chester and factory worker mother, Darlene.  The youngest of five children, Melissa always wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps and work in the criminal justice field.  After a series of waitressing and secretarial jobs, Melissa moved to Grand Rapids to enroll in the police academy and obtained a degree in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement.   She began working as a deputy for the local sheriff’s department shortly after graduation where she served as an undercover drug detective and road patrol officer.  In 1996, Melissa became a licensed bail agent and began bounty hunting for various companies.  After several years of success she opened her own company, West Michigan Bail Bonds, Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In 2010, she opened another company, Alibi Bail Bonds near Detroit.    Melissa spent four years on the board of directors for MPBA (Michigan Professional Bail Agents Association).



Ashley ‘Ginger’ Bremmer 

Ashley, called ‘Ginger’ for obvious reasons is a combination of beauty and brains.  She graduated from high school in the top 10 of her class and excelled in softball, swimming and basketball. After high school Ashley went on to study Criminal Justice at GRCC where she completed the police academy.  During college Ashley began working for West Michigan Bail Bonds as an agent. After graduating from the academy, Ashley was offered a job as a police officer but decided against it in order to continue her career in the bail bond industry.  Ashley utilizes her police training to assist with tracking down fugitives for West Michigan and Alibi Bail Bonds

  Outside of work Ashley is involved with the community, serving on the city council and the Liason Committee.  She also plays on West Michigan Bail Bonds coed softball team and enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian and son, Nathan.



Brittany ‘Princess’ Thompson 

Brittany ‘Princess’ Thompson, grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has been working for West Michigan Bail Bonds for 9 years, beginning in high school for a co-op business class.  She currently manages Bail Enforcement for both Alibi Bail Bonds (Detroit) and West Michigan (Grand Rapids) and has been involved in hundreds of successful apprehensions.  Brittany is an avid softball player, even playing in the little league world series twice in her teens.  She currently plays on teams sponsored by the bail bonds company and also plays co-ed volleyball.  She enjoys working out, shooting (she has an arsenal and knows how to use them), and spending time with her dogs.  

Brittany acquired the ‘Princess’ name after getting promoted when she refused to do any menial office work that required getting her hands dirty.



Amy ‘Rookie’ Korreck


Amy ‘Rookie’ Korreck came on board with West Michigan Bail Bonds in 2000 to take over when Alibi Bail Bonds opened for business.   A part-time bartender, wife and mother, she has been married for ten years to Justin and has two adorable daughters, Hope and Grace.  Amy grew up in Dorr, Michigan and lives in the house next door to her childhood home.  She has four horses and is an active member in the NBHA (National Barrel Horse Association) competitively barrel racing!!


Amy, considered a ‘rookie’ because of her lack of tenure, is anything but.  She brings years hardcore common sense, ethics, and natural talent to the industry, not to mention her stunningly good looks.