Roswell 60th event brings media from around the globe


More retired military officers now coming forward.

Last Living Person to Handle Wreckage Speaks Out!

So why is our government

still hiding the real evidence?

It's now up to the media & the public to get answers!



Jesse and his father's story sheds new light on the Roswell  incident


Evidence in this book leaves no question...a UFO event took place, and the government knew it!



The world has waited a long time for the inside scoop on Roswell. Truth is an excellent curative for false proclamations. The Roswell crashed saucer retrieval is one of the most important UFO cases ever, anywhere. We need more information from those directly involved, and this book provides a good deal of important new material." --Stanton T. Friedman e

[July 16, 2007, Helena, MT]... Retired Colonel, Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. waited for 60 years to clear his father's name.  As he lay dying in 1986, Dr. Marcel promised him that he would tell his story when the time was right.  Marcel, now 71, felt that since he was now retired from the U.S. military, the 60th anniversary event was the perfect time and place.

Tens of thousands of curious public, and hundreds of media from around the globe attended the international event in Roswell, NM, July 5th - 8th.  More than 40 major media outlets interviewed Marcel or invited him to appear on their show. These included Fox News, CBC Radio, Larry King Live, Channel 9 from Australia, Fox's Sean Hannity, Smithsonian Television, and NBC Today Show (coming up this week), just to name a few. In the past two weeks more than 5,000 people have purchased Marcel's tell-all book.  

The documents and evidence in Marcel's book raises only one question: "Why does our government continue to keep this important event a secret?"

During a recent radio interview Dr. Marcel had this to say:

"It is so sad that my father was never exonerated while living, and now after nearly sixty years, some justice will finally come for dad and the Marcel family. With release of The Roswell Legacy, hopefully he will be vindicated, and the world will learn the truth!"  Releasing this book is not about fame or money, it is about clearing my father's reputation."

For interviews and appearances please contact Rod Mitchell at: 281.350.5506, or email: Review copies are available.

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