New Book Takes Da Vinci Code Controversy to New Levels

Secret Order of Warrior Monks Exposed


Little has ever been known about them! They fought to the death for the love and protection of God and the Vatican. They unsheathed their swords in the first Crusade and shed blood in his name, then were ostracized and sent underground before disappearing altogether. They were the Knights Templar!


George Smart tracks these famous warriors of God in his new book, The Knights Templar Chronology: Tracking History's Most Intriguing Monks (now available through AuthorHouse).


"Few things captivate the human mind and imagination as a story unfinished. The purpose, organization, secret rituals, achievements, influence and disappearance of The Knights Templar have become one of the most persistent and enduring mysteries in history," Smart says.


Who are the Knights Templar?


In 1997 readers were fascinated and horrified when a controversial book, The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ, was released by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. It was the first time we heard of an alleged relationship between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, and the birth of a daughter named Sara. It was also to be readers first introduction to the Knights Templar.  Pickett and Prince's book was soon followed by Holy Blood, Holy Grail, by Michael Baigent, which was greeted with similar scrutiny and success, and then last year the release of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, took the controversial claims aof Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene to new heights, resulting in criticism from Vatican and ridicule by the Christian Right.  Despite the negative reception from religious leaders, Brown's book became a run-away bestseller and fodder for a Hollywood movie. Stories about the Da Vinci's famous Last Supper, the Holy Grail and the Knights Templar continues to fascinate readers.


Smart whets our appetite for even more information about these warrior monks who, paradoxically, belonged to the richest Order in Christendom. Smart spent eight years researching the history and mysteries surrounding those who, during the early crusades, grew dramatically in number and created multiple enterprises. With unprecedented protection and special dispensation from the Pope, they became the world’s foremost bankers, inventing the check and the branch banking system.  They are the medieval world's most powerful ambassadors and statesmen, developing access, influence, and control matched only by the Pope.  They are the world's prime movers in real estate, eventually controlling over 5000 properties in Scotland, Ireland, Britain, France, Spain, the German states, Hungary, and virtually every country on the Mediterranean.   


Beginning with their formation and purpose, Smart traces their path into the Crusades to fight God's holy war. One-time champions of the Vatican, their popularity, power and unorthodox religious rituals made them enemies of the Pope. They were driven underground where they practiced their beliefs in secret. Eventually, some were executed, while others vanished into history where they remained in obscurity until recently.


Smart traces their history through the ages and offers detailed, unknown facts about these mysterious monks. The book maps out their meteoric rise and fall, as well as their disciplined structure, from which so many modem groups have drawn inspiration. Smart also offers detailed accounts of their incredible adventures, which he fully captures in his year-by-year, month-by-month chronology. In addition, Smart adds a list that tracks modem-day Templar researchers and authors to help readers expand their study of these amazing men.


The Knights Templar Chronology exhumes facts about one of history's most obscure yet powerful groups to a modern world that finds itself so indebted to them.


Smart is a managing partner of Strategic Development Inc. in North Carolina. He has 23 years of experience with nearly 400 organizations, including IBM, Cisco, Boeing and Harvard Business School, and is a frequent speaker at corporate leadership development program~. He was also the 2004 Member of the Year of the Carolina Chapter of the National Speakers Association. The Knights Templar Chronology is his first book.