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1. What motivates you to handle cases where civil rights have been violated?

2. You are said to have taken the IRS to court more times than any other attorney. Are you a tax protester?

3. How does someone know if their rights have been violated by their attorney?

4. In what ways do attorneys take advantage of their clients?

5. Aren't attorneys regulated by their state bar association? 

6. Who polices a police department or a judge in the way they dispell treatment to citizens?

7. You say there are five categories of people who get in trouble with the IRS.  Who/What are they?

8. The Internal Revenue Service claims to be a kinder, gentler IRS.  Have you found this to be true?

9. You have shared many horrific stories in your book that describe ways the IRS violated taxpayers civil rights. Which of the cases stand out as most egregious example of IRS taxpayer abuse?

10. In the Spulak case you talk about a man set up by the IRS and forged tape recordings. Was there some reason why they were after him?

11. Two stories about people who didn't even file tax returns and stayed out of jail. How is that possible?

12. You say in your book that many of us may be on the IRS 'hit list!'  How do we determine if we are a target of the IRS?

13. What would you suggest are the most common ways the IRS violates a taxpayer's civil rights?

14. You offer 100 ways a taxpayer can stay off the IRS radar screen.  What are major 'flags' that will get the IRS' immediate attention?

15. What are the top five (5) avoidance tips you can offer our listeners/audience?

16. We hear about taxes not being constitutional and people who just don’t pay at all. Is that possible?

17. Have you noticed a lessening of the IRS constraints on taxpayers?  In what ways?

18. You advise us that the IRS actually has a special program for going after Tax Preparers! What affect does this have in the preparation of someone's taxes?

19. What, in your opinion, is the future of the IRS as we know it today?

20. Do jurors in these cases presume people are innocent or guilty? What is jury nullification? Is it legal?

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