You too, can fight the IRS & win!

One book the IRS prefers you didn't read!

'HOW TO SURVIVE THE IRS - My Battles Against Goliath' 

by Michael Louis Minns

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"IRS agents lie, commit crimes, and destroy families," maintains attorney Michael Minns (The Underground Lawyer), who would like to see our federal tax-collecting institution disbanded. In How to Survive the IRS: My Battles Against Goliath, which features a preface by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (who has voted for the abolition of the IRS), Minns provides a brief history of taxation in the U.S., urges radical reform and memorably recounts his confrontations with the IRS on behalf of taxpayers. The most practical part of this inflammatory and informative work is the description of 100 tax secrets…"                         ---Publishers Weekly - March 19, 2001

'HOW TO SURVIVE THE IRS - My Battles Against Goliath' (Barricade Books - March, 2001 - ISBN 1569801703) is one book the IRS would prefer you did not read. Readers will learn the many ways that IRS agents have bent the rules, confused, mislead, and abused taxpayers' civil rights, violating their own tax code, as they applied their GOLIATH power to intimidate and over-power taxpayers.

goliathart.jpg (63276 bytes)'HOW TO SURVIVE THE IRS is written by Michael Louis Minns, who has become known across the country as The Underground Lawyer (also the title of his best-selling book) - a fearless attorney who will take on almost anyone who has abused the rights of his clients.

'HOW TO SURVIVE THE IRS is eye-opening, and will infuriate as it educates on the countless ways IRS agents have taken advantage of taxpayers. On his book, Minns has chronicled many of his most famous court cases, where you will read about; 

NOTE: None of the above incidents were provoked, and the most serious of charges...income tax evasion!

'HOW TO SURVIVE THE IRS - My Battles Against Goliath,' is full of helpful information, and provides a clear understanding of your rights as a taxpayer. You will discover little-known tax rulings, the laws governing tax shelters and offshore banking, and one hundred tips for staying OFF the IRS radar screen. A must-read for any taxpayer, CPA, tax attorney or tax preparer.

Michael Minns is one of the nation's most informed experts on the IRS, and a colorful interview guest.

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