Dan Patrick

Anyone who lives in the Gulf Coast area is familiar with the voice and face of Dan Patrick. Currently a popular talk show host at KSEV radio in Houston, Patrick has developed a loyal following over the past 20-plus years, and his popularity and persuasive persona go way beyond the borders of the Lone Star State.

patrick1.jpg (38374 bytes)Dan Patrick is a veteran of more than thirty years in broadcasting, and the current owner of Houston Broadcasting Company. Patrick has been one of Houston's top talk show hosts for over 14 years, and was recently named Number 1 talk show host in Texas, by the Houston Press Club. His weekly 4 to 6 PM drive show on KSEV - AM 700, grabs a giant market share from commuters, as Patrick keeps Houstonians informed on world news and issues, breaking local news, and the ongoing activities of Texas legislators. He is unafraid to tackle controversial topics and is one of the first to speak out if anyone posses a threat to family values or patriotism.

Two years ago, for example, when Patrick heard Politically Incorrect Late Night host, Bill Maher compare the bravery of our US military to that of the 9-11 terrorists, he was outraged. He made every attempt to contact Maher and schedule him for his show, but Maher turned down every request. Patrick then launched a national campaign to 'oust' Maher via his loyal listening audience and the airwaves of many other conservative talk show hosts. Ultimately, a mass letter-writing campaign resulted in major sponsors dropping the show, and in the end ABC canceled the show.

Though Dan Patrick is a conservative, he is a bit left of center than most right wing talk show hosts. He is extremely well-read and highly informed on political and world issues, with an interview style that is unlike any of the current on-air conservatives. He is more humorous, outspoken and engaging than Rush Limbaugh, as opinionated as Bill O‘Reilly, but cautious not to berate his guests – always treating them with dignity and respect.

Since 1988 Patrick's opinion has been sought out by numerous national networks, including NBC, ABC, and CBS. In recent years, he has been a news contributor on FOX News, MSNBC, COURT TV, ESPN and CNN.  He is also a favorite panelist on "Newsmakers", a program that is broadcast each Sunday on the Houston NBC affiliate, KPRC-TV.

In 2000, Patrick and former Texas Senator, Mike Richards (also a Houston talk show host), worked out a management / partnership arrangement with Lieberman Broadcasting, whereby Dan and Mike would manage KSEV as ownership partners. Patrick would serve as VP and GM and together they would build their talk and news audience, and feature such popular syndicated talk show hosts as Bill O'Reilly, Alan Colmes and Laura Ingraham.  Today, KSEV is one Houston's top two news and talk stations. Over recent years Patrick has broadcast his show LIVE from Japan, England and France.

In December of 2002 Royal Books published Patrick's first book, The Second Most Important Book You Will Ever Read, which has broken all records in Christian book sales (sold 8,000 copies in the first 6 weeks in the Gulf Coast region). Dan and his wife Jan have been married for twenty-seven years, and they have two children.

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