New Book Exposes the Shocking

Truth about the Music Business

[New York] Long time entertainment attorney Peter M. Thall reveals some hard truths about the music industry in his new expose'  What They’ll Never Tell You About the Music Business (Billboard Books, 6/02 / a division of Watson-Guptill Publications, publisher of the classic This Business of Music).

ThallBookCov.jpg (74755 bytes)Thall's tell-all book reveals what most savvy music executives already know and what some of them utilize to take advantage of naive artists and musicians. Thall addresses every aspect of the music business from the hidden dynamics, and often unfortunate consequences of what really happens when a deal is prepared, contracts are signed, and promises are made.  His eye-opening advice alerts musicians, attorneys, songwriters, and anyone interested in the music business to the potent dangers lurking beneath the surface of this incredibly competitive industry. Thall also addresses safety issues, something that is often overlooked by both venue owners and performers.

When asked wy he wrote his tell-all book, Thall had this to say...

"The music business is not unlike any other business. If you don't understand how it works, you can get blindsided. For upcoming artists and musicians, and their representatives, who are often just as unaware, I felt that it was about time that someone provide them with some hard truths--and a road map to traverse the dark corners of this competitive industry. On the theory that information plus truth equals power, opefully, my book will result in new artists receiving a more fair share in the profits generated by their music. The Michael Jackson's of the world aren't the ones who should be whining. His irresponsible statements will not only DO NOT help artists; it will hurt them because he is showing those who have invested years and millions of dollars in him that he could care less and that he doesn't appreciate what they have contributed to his success. Why should the powers that be treat the next artist with the same, or more, respect if this is how they are going to be thanked? We have already seen the very people who have embraced his views pull back from unconditional support for him in view of his reckless statements."

A must read book for...

Radio Jocks, Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, Talent Managers, Agents & Attorneys

What They’ll Never Tell You About the Music Business is a sweeping and profound works, covering virtually every aspect of the music industry, including recording agreements, record royalties, artistic management, music publishing, music marketing and promotion, merchandising, copyright infringement, and the international music business scene. What’s more, the information in this invaluable industry reference guide is all explained clearly and concisely with no legal jargon.

Peter M. Thall has been a practicing entertainment attorney for over 30 years, and his client roster reads like the Who's Who of the music business, from ABBA, Pat Benatar, The Cars, Miles Davis, Barry Manilow, Anna Moffo, Simon & Garfunkel, The Average White Band, Hall & Oates and many others. Thall has also represented the composer and author of several Blockbuster animated  features released by Disney and Dreamworks. 

Thall has been widely utilized by both print and electronic media, and is a frequent contributor to industry trade magazines such as Billboard and Broadcasting, and has appeared innumerable times on broadcast and cable television news programs as an expert on such issues as celebrity endorsements, copyright law and the First Amendment.

A credible resource for news stories related to copyright infringement, 1st Amendment Rights, Napster issues, or any stories that encompass the music industry or intellectual properties.


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