Produced Projects

SO YOU WANT TO BE Any father or mother knows the fascination that children have with adult occupations and careers - I want to be a fireman...I want to be an astronaut, etc., etc. So You Want To Be takes children out into the work place and introduces them to real people in real jobs. For ages 6 through 12, this FCC and kid friendly reality offering is available in 26 /half hours. Just completed second run with Discovery Canada. To view the trailer, Click Here.

AMERICAN BOUNTY HUNTER: Viewers go along for the ride with real bounty hunters as they chase down criminals who have skipped on their bail. Character driven and full of action, this reality offering is produced as a one hour pilot with 7 30-minute segments. American Bounty Hunter was the first and original program about bounty hunters produced by Rod Mitchell and Arnold Shapiro. A 46 minute pilot was picked up by Paramount Television and aired on 70 independent stations in March of 1996. To view trailer, Click Here.

In Develpment

BAIL CHIX:  Some are former beauty queens, some are soccer moms, some are grandmothers but they all have one thing in common - they are professional bail agents and fugitive hunters who spend their waking hours locating, hunting and capturing criminals who have skipped on their bail. For more information or to view the trailer, Click Here.

HINDS' SIGHT  In Houston, Texas there are more than 500 wrecker companies roaming the streets and highways every day competing for parking enforcement, accident and criminal vehicle tows. One man and his family have spent thirty years fighting for their share of the business. Charlie Hinds, his wife Karen, his son Greg and his obnoxious employees are colorful, unpredictable and always in some confrontation, that is reminiscent of the famous father/son team of Paul and Michael Teutul, who star in A&E's long running, series, American Chopper.  Audiences will have a voyeurs view of this dysfunctional and entertaining family. It's always Charlie Hind's way or the highway, so we have selected the working title Hinds' Sight. 

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