The Roswell Legacy

by Jesse Marcel, Jr.

  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Publisher: BigSky Press; First edition (July 2, 2007)
  • ISBN: 978-0979591708

    The Roswell Legacy is a story that has waited nearly sixty years to be told. Jesse Jr. presents to the reader a clear picture of the man who was - and remains - at the center of the Roswell controversy; Jesse's father, Jesse Marcel, Sr. While Jesse Jr. acknowledges that his account carries within it, its own bias, he feels it is his duty to his father to present him as the man he was, as accurately as possible, and set the record straight on what he and his father saw that day in July 1947.

    His story is based on what his father told him, what he personally experienced and saw with is own eyes, and how the secrecy surrounding the Roswell incident has haunted and plagued the Marcel family right up until Jesse Jr's recent retirement.

    Hopefully, The Roswell Legacy will end much of the controversy and speculation that has surrounded Jesse Marcel, Sr. and the Roswell incident for years.

    Forward by Stanton T. Friedman

    I had no idea when I first heard the name Jesse Marcel that 28 years later I would still be in­volved in the investigation of the phenomenon known as the Roswell Incident. It was at a TV station in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1978. I was at the sta­tion to do three different interviews to help promote my lecture “Flying Saucers ARE Real” at Louisiana State University that evening. The first two inter­views had gone off without a hitch.

    Unfortunately, the third reporter was nowhere to be found in those pre cell-phone days. The station manager was giv­ing me coffee, apologizing, looking at his watch. He knew the woman who had brought me to the station for the University and knew that other ac­tivities were scheduled. We were just chatting when, out of the blue, he said, “The person you ought to talk to is Jesse Marcel.”

    Being the outstanding UFO investigator and the nuclear physicist I am, my response was really not very sharp. “Who is he?” I asked. My teeth practically fell out when he said, “Oh, he handled wreckage of one of those saucers you are interested in when he was in the military.”

    "What? What do you know about him? Where is he?”

    "He lives over in Houma. He’s a great guy. We are old ham radio buddies. You ought to talk to him!”

    By this time the reporter had shown up. Fortunately the launch window had been just long enough for another UFO case to be brought up. The interview was done and there was a great crowd that night at LSU. The next day, from the airport, I called telephone information in Houma. I had no idea where it was, other than that it was in Louisiana. There was a listing for a Jesse A Marcel, so I called him.

    I mentioned the TV station manager as a kind of reference, and then we spoke for some while. Jesse told me his story about his involvement in the recovery of strange wreckage outside Roswell, New Mexico, in company with Counter Intelligence Corps officer Sheridan “Cav” Cavitt on orders from Colonel William Blanchard, the base commander. Jesse had been a Major, the base intelligence officer. The story of what happened has been told in numerous books, such as The Roswell Incident by Charles Berlitz and William L Moore, and the book Crash at Corona by Don Berliner and myself.

    Jesse noted that he had been told not to say anything, but that just after the incident occurred, his picture had appeared in newspapers all over the USA and in some overseas .The “official” explanation was that what was recovered was just a weather balloon radar reflector. But Marcel never believed that, and his notion that neither he nor Colonel Blanchard (who was later a four-star General) could not recognize such a common device was absurd.  (for more from Stan Friedman click here)

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