Why are the Presidential Candidates not giving us answers?

...the fuel crisis, immigration reform, health care, education...

A Chicago businessman weighs in with some thought-provoking solutions!

An Interesting & Entertaining Guest for Your Audience!

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Dave Rosenak is a successful Chicago executive, who has given a lot of thought to issues that the candidates are clearly avoiding - issues that are of major concern to all of us. Rosenak decided to take a proactive approach and offer some possible solutions of his own, all colorfully chronicled in his new book, Running Amok/

In a recent radio interview, Rosenak commented, "We must hold our presidential candidates' feet to the fire when it comes to viable solutions to the problems America faces today. Our forefathers established a government that was FOR and BY THE PEOPLE. The presidential candidates must take note of those issues that effect us all. We must become proactive in examining ways to control our borders. We must become proactive in solving our fuel crisis and helping our government discover renewable and affordable fuel resources. We cannot accept the failed policies of the past on such issues as immigration reform and health care, and We must require that the next president take a more effective approach in his or her foreign policies, and do everything possible to improve the image of our country that has become so blemished after entering the war in Iraq. We must demand from our congressmen and women that we put an end to the spending of the illions of dollars that taxpayers fork out on disputes for, and with other nations, while we ignore issues of importancehere at home, like poverty, health care and education. We do nothing when major corporations lay off thousands of American's to outsource manufacturing and customer services with countries who cannot even speak our language. We must do something to insure that generations to come will not inherit our sad legacy, or face an insurmountable mountain of debt!"

Rosenak is not running for anything, and he doesn't expect anyone to agree with all of his opinions.  Here is a partial list of some the topics he addresses in his book;

  • Renewable fuel resources

  • Immigration reform

  • National ID Card

  • Environment

  • Health Care

  • Crime & Punishment

  • Narcotic Drugs & Victimless Crimes

  • Guns & gun control

  • Tort Law

  • Free Speech

  • Public Education

  • Taxes & Employment Taxes

  • Minimum Wage

  • Affirmative Action

  • Our IRS and Flat Tax

  • Iraq & Israel

Dave Rosenak Bio  I  Dave Rosenak Talk Points  I  Book Excerpts

Dave Rosenak is a stimulating interview guest, with a thought-provoking commentary.

Your audience will love him!

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