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            Author Testimonials...

"I have had Rod Mitchell on retainer for less than 3 weeks and I've already been on national television and national radio three times each.  I've been in the media for 15 years and in that time have hired numerous independent publicists and other outlets like Radio-TV-Interview Report and Talkers Magazine, but nobody has delivered proof positive results and bookings like this guy. He's reasonably priced and he knows his business. And if you think the $5000/month and up hot shots can execute better than Rod - think again!"  - Dean Tong, forensic trial consultant & author

"Rod is incredible!  In 90-days he took my book to bestseller status! I have never worked with a more dedicated professional, or one who is so well connected to the media. I recommend him without reservation."     Edmund J. Pankau - author of 'Hide Your Assets & Disappear'

"My dream of reaching high profile companies was only a dream until I met Rod Mitchell. With his insight, creativity, contacts and experience, he has become the Cartographer of my career. As a result of his bookings in the radio and television arena, I have greatly broadened the contacts in the fields of my endeavor.  It would be my pleasure to recommend Rod Mitchell as a Publicist Extraordinaire."      Alice Weiser - author of 'Judge the Jury'

"What can I say that captures the pleasure and excitement of working with Rod Mitchell? Virtually overnight, Rod rescued me from relative obscurity and launched me into national celebrity status.  Yeah, you could say I’m pleased. Most impressive though, is how much fun it’s been. Rod’s a blast to work with.  When it comes to gaining media attention….. Rod Mitchell is 'the MAN!'        Dr. Jeff Salz - author of  'The Way of Adventure'

"I am a first-time author and faced so many unfamiliar experiences, among them selecting a publicist. I was cautious every step of the way, checking references, and asking a myriad of questions. I selected Rod, after screening more than half a dozen publicists, and hearing glowing reviews of his work.  Rod carefully mentored me, walking me through every step of the interview process, coaching me and preparing me for the un-nerving world of the media. After Rod booked me on CBS Early Show, the doors continued to open and I found myself on more than half a dozen national programs and nearly one hundred radio and TV interviews.   Rod made our relationship a fun and confidence-building experience. I recommend him highly to anyone who is seeking exposure. Be prepared for some major fun."   Laura Carroll - author of 'Families of Two'

Entertainment Testimonials...  

"Rod represented our film project, and brought local as well as national attention to our made-for-TV pilot in short order.  He has extraordinary contacts and was a masterful publicist.  We will use his services again and again without hesitation." Carolyn Clark, Executive Producer - Clark Productions (Dreams in the Attic)

"Rod has represented my work on two separate projects with glowing results. He will head up my publicity on "Lat Full Measure," the final to my Civil War trilogy. I would stack his work up against that of any of the large L.A. and New York agencies." Ron Maxwell, Producer/Director, Gettysburg, Gods & Generals

"I have worked with Rod on Four projects to date, and I'm always amassed at the level of attention and value he brings to our company's work.  He understands the media better than most, and has extensive contacts and reach. I recommend him highly.     Bob WIllems - RW Productions /Champion Entertainment

It is always difficult for independent filmmakers to get any attention from the media, but Rod knows how to present and pitch a project in a way that makes me want to get to know myself better.  The attention that he brought to my last film contributed to two major awards and recognition far beyond my dreams."   David Craig - Fearless Films

"We heard about Rod from some of our media contacts and retained him for the release of our 'Together Again - A Walton's Christmas' campaign.  Not only did he schedule a major release party in LA, with everyone in media in attendance, but also gave this album maximum exposure during a crucial time in our company.  We highly recommend Rod and his agency."    Bill Paige - Page Music - Nashville, TN

"When actor Mary McDonough referred us to Rod Mitchell, we did not think a Houston-based agency could compete with those right here in LA.  His phenomenal results with the release of our Christmas album shined way beyond the so-called top agencies, whom I have worked with for many years.  He was enthusiastic, professional and most important - he delivered."   Jon Walmsley - Independent Producer  (formerly of The Waltons televison series) - LA

"When production companies come to Houston and ask us who we would recommend as a publicist, Rod is at the top of our list. I have watched him work on more than a dozen projects and am impressed with his ability to grab LA-style media attention to unknown filmmakers. It is amazing how he generates so much media attention from Houston Texas, and it comes back to us at the film commission in volumes.  Rick Ferguson - Houston Film Commission

        Media Testimonials...

We have long been a fan of Rod Mitchell's work here at NBC. We know when Rod calls, he has a guest or story that will fit our audience, and we have booked many of his clients on our morning show. We know that before Rod comes to our booking desk, he has 'vetted' the guest, and then provides us with detailed press packages that makes our job easy. He is a joy to work with. Matt Zimmerman - Booking supervisor, NBC Today Show

You have supplied me with some wonderful and provocative guests for my late night show here in Boston. Not only do you offer a varied array of guests and topics, but your spokespeople are lively and prepared. Thanks as well for your very thorough followup, something that is often taken for granted in our business. I look forward to a continued working relationship."   Jordan Rich, Host - WBZ -Boston

"We have been working with Rod Mitchell for the past ten years. Whenever breaking news hits, we know we can count on Rod to provide credentialed contributors. Rod has provided guests for all of our programs, and is one of the most dependable booking publicists on our freelance roster."  Kim Bell - Neal Cavuto Producer - Fox News Channel

"Rod Mitchell has been a wellspring of colorful guests for Coast to Coast AM. As a publicist, he is one of the most politely persistent forces I have run into which is a winning combination when it comes to finding and securing media opportunities. Rod is a 24/7 kind of guy who gets the job done, whatever it may be, quickly and effectively. I would recommend him highly."   Lisa Lyons, Senior Producer - Coast-To-Coast with Art Bell & George Nooray

"Over the years, Rod has sent us numerous clients to our show.  His contagious enthusiams, professional and thorough approach in much aprpeciated, and his clients are among some of the most colorful and informative experts that we book on our show. Keep 'em coming Rod."   John Popp, Producer - G. Gordon Liddy.

"We have booked many ore than a dozen of Rod's client's on Expert Radio, and have always found his authors to be fascinating and informative. His innovative Internet Press Kits make accessing information a breeze."  Steve Hardiman, host, Radio America

"Over the years Rod has sent us some great stories and lined up colorful guests from the Country and Pop industry, for our national news bureau. He is a thorough professional, and can always be counted on for bringing us some of the best entertainment stories."   Natalie Windsor - Associated Press - Entertainment Desk - LA

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