Have your rights been violated

by Law Enforcement, the IRS or a government agency?


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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Michael Louis Minns is known as a defender of the downtrodden, and is lovingly referred to as The Underground Lawyer. Over the past 25 years Minns has built a reputation as a fearless legal advocate and crusader for the underdog, wpe2.jpg (58763 bytes)representing hundreds of clients, from all over the United States, who have been wrongly charged by law enforcement officers, accused by the IRS,  or other government officials. Minns does not hesitate to take on anyone who has taken advantage, misrepresented or abused the rights of his clients. His long list also includes other attorneys.

The typical Minns' client has been a victim of power-hungry police officers, corrupt government agencies and IRS agents. Some of his clients have received sloppy legal defense, with grounds for malpractice. In most cases clients cannot secure representation or have exhausted all traditional means of defense, with grounds for appeal. Minns has taken on corrupt judges and police officers and proven legal malpractice. His court cases have resulted in criminal charges, and his court rulings have established case law that has gone on to be used regularly in courtrooms across the country.

His precedent-setting victories over the IRS have helped reshape the way IRS agents treat taxpayers, as chronicled in his first book, THE UNDERGROUND LAWYER. His book went on to become a bestseller, going out of print in 1995.  It has served many attorneys and taxpayers as a symbol of intollerance, and established the ground rules for those whose rights were violated by those who abuse power and authority.

Minns has gone on to represent many additional cases, with the outcome and rulings further balancing the tables of justice in American courtrooms. Due to public demand, Gopher Publications has just released an updated version of his bestseller. It is titled, The Underground Lawyer - Millenium Edition (May 2001 / ISBN: 0929801016). Minns also is author of the best-seller, How To Survive the IRS - My Battles Against Goliath - Barricade Books / March 2001.

Written in a colorful and vivid voyeur perspective, The Underground Lawyer chronicles actual cases, courtroom proceedings, and some of the history-changing appellate decisions, that are the result of overturned overturned, and thus establishing precedent-setting case law.

Attorneys and clients across the country have found Minn's book a helpful tool in preparing for trial or appeal proceedings. The underlying theme in The Underground Lawyer is that despite power and authority, no one is beyond our system of justice. If someone has abused another's civil rights, taken advantage of ignorance, or gone beyond the parameters of their power and authority, they may end up the subject of a litigation or even criminal charges. Minns clearly establishes the ground rules for overturning court decisions on appeal. 

Michael Minns Bio  I  Q&A and Talk Points  I  Order Book From Amazon  I   Contact Publicist

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