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When Glen Schulz's estranged wife began emotionally abusing their children and stripped him of all contact, he turned to the justice system. After the justice system failed him, he took the law into his own hands. His story is one of triumph for any father who loves his children and is willing to do anything to keep them safe. Schulz's actions are more common than most of us realize!


It's a regular occurrence...nearly 1,000 kids abducted every day by their mother or father (350,000 per year).

When the justice system failed Glen Schulz, he decided to take the law into his own hands, and kidnapped his two children.

Schulz was hunted by the FBI, and was in hiding, with the help of total strangers for two years, until his capture in Houston. 

Although it was legally wrong, Schultz felt his actions were morally right.

What would you do in Glen's situation?


"Once you pick up this book, you won't put it down!"

-- Eric Ritter - Radio Host, CBC, Toronto

[Houston, TX- November 28, 2007] The issue of child custody stirs a hotbed of actions by parents. When Reno pawn shop owner, Darren Mack killed his wife and nearly killed the family court judge, it was child custody at the core of his actions. Over the past decade the numbers of children who are kidnapped by their parents has escalated. These drastic actions are the result of bitter custody battles or suspected abuse by the custodial parent. Although these actions are illegal, one man thought it was the 'morally right' thing to do.

According to the National Incidence Studies on Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Throwaway children (NISMART), more than 350,000 children (nearly 1,000 per day) are abducted each year by a parent or family member. The latest statistics indicate that 53% of children are abducted by their biological father, and 25% are abducted by their mother. This is one man's story.

After Glen Schulz and his wife Sandy separated, she stripped Glen of any contact with his children, including visitation. In his absence Sandy alienated him from his children, telling them lies, accusing Glen of sexual abuse, and driving a wedge between him and his son Brian, and daughter Melissa. When the family court system did not properly investigate and stripped Glen of his parental rights, he knew he must do something drastic. When a long-awaited visitation day arrived, he was ready to take the law into his own hands, and so began his unlawful flight. His story is now chronicled in the popular book, UNLAWFUL FLIGHT.

UNLAWFUL FLIGHT is Glen Schulz's moving story about the abduction of his children and the lessons he learned while they were on the run and in hiding for over two years. Schulz does not recommend parents to follow in his footsteps, and he hopes that his book will offer separated or divorced parents a wake-up call in understanding the effects when children are used as pawns in a custody battle.

Schulz has become a popular and very active advocate for children's rights, and is regularly called upon to address parent groups in workshops across the country, in an attempt to avoid extreme acts like child abduction. He delivers a thought-provoking and informative interview that will stir and move your audience.

UNLAWFUL FLIGHT  is currently being developed as a full-length feature film.

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