Author Puts a New face on Coping and Recovery after the Death of her Husband

Resilience, Courage & Determination that Redefines the Human Spirit

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[Milwaukee, WI]  Diane Kaimann has always been a strong, vibrant woman, but when her husband died suddenly while scuba-diving in Hawaii, she discovered she was ill-prepared for what followed. She began a journey without a roadmap - a journey that ultimately re-shaped her life. Not knowing where to turn for strength, she did know, that after several months of grieving she must rekindle her spirit and find ways to go on with life.  She met eight women who, like herself, had lost their husbands. They had walked in her shoes and bravely gone forward with their lives. It was the COMMON THREADS they all shared that inspired Diane to chronicle the challenges they all faced and the strength they all found.

Their inspiring stories and unique perspective on recovery are now available in Diane Kaimann's new book, 'COMMON THREADS - Nine Widows' Journeys Through Love, Loss & Healing' (Baywood Publishing-3/02-hard cover cloth-192 pages).

The widows of COMMON THREADS are ordinary women, yet extraordinary individuals. Their touching and uplifting stories (often narrated with an Erma Bombeck style humor) redefine the resilience of the human spirit. The empathetic guidance and lessons Diane Kaimann learned [and shares in her book] is now helping others to begin healing, and discover a peaceful spirit as they deal with the loss of a loved one.

Shortly after Diane completed her book, the events of 9-11 occurred. Hundreds and hundreds of men and women suddenly became widows and widowers in the most horrific manner imaginable. Diane wanted to reach out to them. If anyone needed support and encouragement, they did. She finally reached Marian Fontana, a fireman's widow, and founder of the 9-11 Widows and Victim Families Association. She flew to New York and met Ms. Fontana, who welcomed Diane with open arms. They have since become friends and Diane has become her mentor.  They will be conducting interviews in New York City March 4-11.

COMMON THREADS will help new widows deal with...

These comments from Rabbi Earl A. Grollman, Author of ‘Living When A Loved One Has Died’...

"Diane Kaimann's inspiring book is more than a story about death. It is about the art of living and loving, written with exquisite understanding of pain and fear, and also of the reach of the human spirit, when responding to life's greatest challenge. It is authentic, exciting and hard to put down."

Diane Kaimann is a personable and inspirational interview guest who offers understanding, encouragement and hope to anyone who has lost a loved one (while in New York, and whenever possible, Marian Fontana has agreed to join Diane on interviews and appearances).

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Review copies of COMMON THREADS are now available

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